Acupuncture can help to treat a wide variety of conditions, helping you to reach your own optimal health.  It can also be used to optimize health, to help prevent ill health and maintain wellbeing.

Acupuncture is suitable for all ages and is safe for use during pregnancy. Do not hesitate to ask if you are concerned whether acupuncture may help your condition or that it is safe for you.

For specific conditions not listed, do feel free to contact me regarding your specific needs:

Mental and emotional wellbeing:

    •    Stress

    •    Anxiety

    •    Insomnia

    •    Depression


Digestive issues:

    •    IBS

    •    Heartburn/acid reflux

    •    Nausea 

    •    Constipation

    •    Indigestion

    •    Morning sickness


    •    Headaches/ Migraine

    •    Arthritis

    •    Muscular pain

    •    Joint pain

    •    Sciatica

Women’s health:

    •    Menstrual problems

    •    Endometriosis

    •    Fertility 

    •    Pregnancy

    •    Menopause



The British Acupuncture Council downloadable factsheets

The British Acupuncture Council provides downloadable factsheets for more detailed information on acupuncture for a wide variety of conditions.


The World Health Organisation (WHO) has documented many symptoms and conditions that can be effectively treated by acupuncture.